Draupadi— A true feminist.

India is a land of rich culture and wide religions, the national Epic story be Ramayana and Mahabharata. Where women are worshiped with great respect and dignity. From Sita in Ramayana to Draupadi in Mahabharata, both had shown their valour significantly in times. But crimes against women are not new, right from Treta yuga and Dwapara yuga. But creating false accusations of crimes happening against women have started from Kal yuga.

Draupadi, Yajna Seeni, born from Agni (fire), was an illegitimate child of her father, Drupad. He, who wanted a son for the protection of his kingdom, prays to God, receives his prasad (blessings) and a son is born. But with son, a daughter is also been blessed to him, which he doesn’t want to accept, as he thinks, daughters are weak and incompetent in protecting their father or his kingdom and curses every damn thing for her and asks God, to give an such a kid, who’s living should be hell but would never give up on life. And hence, Draupadi takes birth.

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What makes her a true feminist? Firstly, she never played a woman card on all the wrong things that happened to her.  Right after Arjuna wins Draupadi in her Swayamwar and takes her to meet his mother Kunti (wife of king Pandu and mother of Pandavas). She always had a habit of asking her sons to share whatever they’ve got among themselves. She did so that, it’ll improve their feeling of brotherhood. But that day unfortunately, when Arjuna said, he has got something. Kunti says the same. After learning the mistake she committed, she asks her son to let go of their mother’s words and forgive her. Dharma Raja Yudhishthira says, once a mother orders her sons something, it has to be followed. Miserably, Draupadi says, she’ll accept whatever mata (mother) Kunti ordered and would marry all the five Pandavas, saying, not following her orders would make four of her children (other than Arjuna) to take Saannyas (Renunciation) and doing so would kill Pandu’s dream of seeing Yudhishthira as Sravasrest Raja (world best king). The lesson to be learnt from this for today’s generation is,
It doesn’t takes a minute to spoil someone’s life by playing victim card. The feminism doesn’t lies in defaming male’s character falsely, but it lies in analysing the situation properly. And taking decisions that doesn’t harm’s one’s life or family.

When her husband, Yudhishthira put her on stake, she fights for herself and questions her husband over what rights they’ve got to put a woman on stake, even if she is their wife. With utmost courage and confidence, she got from her education, speaks about dharma (righteous) and questions every senior member in the courtyard. And when king Dhritarashtra asks her of her wish for the disgraceful happened to her, she asked for freeing all her husbands from slavery in spite of whatever happened with her. Here, she gives a lesson, even if you are wronged, make sure to free your dear ones from their struggles and this would do your own good.

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What lead to her Vastraharana (stripping)? Being righteous and courageous. Just to avoid family’s disintegration, she suggests her husband Samrat Yudhishthira, to take away weapons from Duryodhana, Dussasana and Angha Raja Karna for taking their weapons in Indraprasth courtyard, saying, taking away weapons from warriors is also considered as a punishment. The outcome of the same lead to her Vastraharana in Hastinapura courtyard. Thinking of the family’s integrity was a testament for the same family’s devastation. There she gave a lesson, no matter how the world is treating you for your fate, stay brave, fight for the right, think of the betterment of society, and wear courage as a tiara.

Lastly, she was ready to let go of her wrongdoers when she learnt of losing all her children in the war. But keeping in mind, letting them go would make complete Aryaavarta (country) a living hell for women, and decided to sacrifice her sons for this betterment.

Overall she was an epitome of courage, feminism and righteousness. She left behind a mark of what true feminism is. Pointing down few things which actually makes you feminist:

  1. Never play a women card.
  2. Don’t ever defame a male, just to prove yourself right.
  3. Understand biology both the genders aren’t the same, each has it’s own pros and cons.
  4. Take a stand for you and your family first.
  5. Just to outshine yourself, don’t defame other females. You grow with uplifting one.
  6. Being rude and arrogant won’t make you cool and any feminist.
  7. False allegations over someone for you’re benefit is wrong.
  8. Take stand for all wrongdoing happening around you, fiercely.
  9. Make sure what’s right and wrong before taking a stand for anything. Be honest.
  10. You are your own responsibility.

If you can relate yourself to at least 4 points, you are near to feminism. There are many more points about Draupadi that we, younger generation need to learn to know what feminism actually is. Alas! Unfortunately, we think reading our religious books is not cool and happening. I suggest you, go read Gita, you’ve got answers for all you today’s problems.

Kindness— An act of selflessly selfish!

Every time we hear kindness, the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘to help’. Why do you get an urge to help somebody, whom you don’t even know? You feel content about your doing. Ain’t that a bit of selfishness? To avoid that guilty feeling of not helping and regret for hours, later. 

Before starting to write on this topic, I surfed a few thing and learnt, being kind is not just philosophically but even scientifically is selfish. There are a certain amount of hormones released after practising kindness, that improves health, reduces stress levels, and obviously makes one happy. Let me first tell you, how above- mentioned things actually works. 

  1. How health is benefitted? 

Being kind increases oxytocin levels in the body that reduces the risks of cardiovascular problems. The most useful benefit is, it prevents ageing by reducing free radicals and inflammation. 

  1. ‌How stress levels are lowed? 

According to the Clinical psychology science journal, being helpful to others lessen social anxiety and everyday stress. 

  1. ‌How does it makes one happy? 

When you practice kindness, dopamine levels are increased that results in leaving you happy. This, in turn, makes you more energised and positive. 

Moving on to how being kind is selfish philosophically, I asked a few of my friends, why do you feel like helping others? One said- it made them happy. The other said- it gave them a feeling satisfaction. One more said, it made them content. Someone, who is kind or keeps practising kindness regularly, does so, to experience those feelings frequently and keep motivating themselves to be positive about life. Also being kind is an act of self preseverance.

Lift up someone else and you will lift yourself.

Mary Davis

If you think deeply, philosophical and scientific explanations of this topic is almost interlinked to each other. Happiness or euphoric feeling after practising kindness is due to the release of dopamine, and as mentioned above, it keeps one on toes to do good things.

Picture Credits: Louisepistole.com, Pinterest

 Keeping practising kindness daily even if it is in small things like opening a door for someone or asking someone- if they need drinking water. Although it’s selfish, but it’s the least thing we can do in making this world a better place to live in. This small amount of selfless selfishness is a good thing and it keeps you happy. 

Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.

Charles Glassman

Relationship—– A validation tool for coolness?

Ours is a generation like Chandler’s, all desperate for love. We are so busy looking for love from other person only to validate our coolness. We start comparing ourselves with our friends, who are in a relationship, and keep pushing ourselves down and get depressed. In times, when you don’t accept yourself and don’t carry yourself well how can you expect someone to fall in love with you or accept you? 

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People these days are so in dread need of boyfriend/girlfriend, in order to satisfy their desperation, they try to fake things to fit in other’s definition of life just to have them in life. Even if they get succeed, after a while, they can’t keep up with things and expect the other one to like the things as them. This leads to hurt, that ultimately leads to an ending relationship or what you call break-up.

Also, late teens and early adulthood is the most life turning point. It’s crucial to make your career. Why fall in this trap and ruin your own future? Set your feelings for accomplishing your goals not to have someone to satisfy your desperation. Set your own standards and let your friends learn from you what is important and what is not. You can be a cool dude chasing your dreams, unlike others. 

I don’t say having a relationship in teens is wrong but desperation for relationship is. Having an infatuation and considering it as love is. Remember, obsession isn’t love. A mature one can see a clear fine line between love and obsession.

Infatuation is the language of a beautiful eye upon a sensitive heart.

Joseph R. Bartlett

 Like, infatuation and attraction, are totally different from love. Firstly know the meaning and how they are different from each other. ATTRACTION is something you feel even before meeting them in a person, your heart starts to throbs even by the idea of meeting them. After sometime of attracting to someone, you tend to have a crush on them, that’s INFATUATION. With time you tend to notice every minute changes in them, in technical terms, you start to stalk them, that’s what turns into OBSESSION. Now you start feeling anxious, restlessness and impatient. This is the time you misunderstand it for love and say, love is blind. Let me tell you, when you are actually in LOVE, you don’t say, love is blind. It’s LOVE, when you have sleepless nights and go nuts after all the above mentioned stages. You want to be a better human being in order to have that person in your life. You are at peace and feel secure, not reckless. In all other stages it’s reverse. 

Picture credits: Desert Island, Pinterest.

Do you know every year India reports around 5000 suicide cases related to love affairs? I ask why? It’s mentally disturbing to have a break-up, but isn’t that a good thing for you when that was not a real relationship but a fantasy of being in a relationship. You’ve got a whole life to fall in true love and have a relationship. But at this stage take it as a positive outcome to work on yourself and your goals. To turn into a better human being, to show your friends how cool you are by having a successful life of fulfilled goals.

Everyone, who reads this, be it you are single, committed ( in a real relationship, hook up or just to show off) ask yourself the following questions;

  • Everything I’m doing, is it making me a better person? 
  • Am I not fooling myself in the rush of fake coolness race? 


Live a life that hundreds come and talk to you in front, but not even a single to talk behind your back because of your wrongdoings.

Kavya Kalepalli